An e-mail is as sustainable as a plastic bag, because Data = CO₂

Mission: The goal of Think Digital Green® is to provide consumers and organizations with solution-oriented paths that promote sustainable digitalization. The approach is based on research, user experience and new ways of thinking. We develop measurable steps for a more climate-conscious and holistic approach to digital technology.

Work: Together with you or in groups we develop effective recommendations in an open process on how to reduce the ecological footprint and CO₂ emissions in everyday digital life. The approach is independent, relevant and non-prescriptive. Think Digital Green® promotes information, rethinking and action.

Vision: We want a world in which digital applications are presented and discussed, including their consequences for climate protection.

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Digital and green? No problem! You don't have to give anything up for that, that's not how Think Digital Green® works. Your digital footprint is already getting smaller because you know how it's created. You automatically make your digital life greener and we'll show you what you can do.

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You + your team:
We come to the workplace

Companies and organizations want to contribute more to climate protection. They know that it is not only their products and services that count, but also their ecologic culture.
Invite Think Digital Green® to your company, start-up or organization. Working as a team, we develop individual work processes that conserve data and resources and reduce costs. Together we inspire employees, colleagues and the management.

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optimizing web: We advise and implement

Green websites are optimized websites! But it is not about doing without graphics and pictures. Rather, the aim is to make use of potential savings in content, scripts and files in order to cause as little data transfer as possible each time a page is called up.
Think Digital Green® is not only there to advise you, we are also happy to take over the work. If your company wants to become active in this area or you need a new sustainable website, we're here for you.

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Do you want to know what we are concerned about and what our community is reporting on data and resource savings? Check our Think Digital Green® Blog - not provided in English jet.

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We take a closer look at current news and ask about the digital sustainability behind it.

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Our offers and reports are based on scientific results and data. We publish our sources. We also want to share our experiences and give reading, media and website tips.

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